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Raleigh, North Carolina- Wedding

Salisbury, North Carolina- Wedding

Asheville, North Carolina- Elopement





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Weddings + Elopements

Photographs bring us back to a moment that may have slipped our mind otherwise.

You may not remember how your soulmate looked at you as you met at the aisle while your body fills with adrenaline. You may not be able to have a crystal clear vision of those 3 tiny wrinkles they have on their nose when you make you them laugh.

The details that photographs carry are truly influential.

The details are the reason I'm a photographer.


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E L L I E + T A Y L O R

We believe in capturing the realness of your day through stills and motion.

Although we do give direction, we genuinely believe that the best memories are the ones that are authentically yours. With Ellie's focus of photo and Taylor's focus of video, we couldn't be more thrilled to work together to let our passions showcase your connections.

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JAN '22 - Hawaii

APRIL '22 - South Carolina

MAY '22 - Italy

JUNE '22 - Iceland

JULY '22 - Ireland

AUG '22 - Georgia

SEPT '22 - Colorado

SEPT '22 - Wyoming

SEPT '22 - Virginia

DEC '22 - Hawaii

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Which one should you choose?


As a wedding and elopement photographer who dabbles in both, I’ve had the opportunity to view many of each up close and personal. From large, lavish wedding days to intimate elopements, ya girl has seen it all!

And to be real, I love them equally. But what I don’t love, is watching a bride-to-be trying to plan a wedding day when she would rather have eloped and visa versa.

So, let’s start your wedding planning off right by..

All wedding planning begins with

one decision:

Wedding or Elopement?



Ellie is the absolute BEST! I cannot recommend her highly enough! She doesn't just take pictures she captures who you are. She makes it about you and your partner. Every time I received her pictures she blew me away! Ellie has the gift to show people as their most authentic selfs and for two people who hate PDA she was able to capture our love perfectly. She is also incredibly nice and the most go with the flow person. Planning a wedding during COVID is not easy but Ellie was there for us every step of the way. I will never be able to thank her enough for how well she captured all of it, the love between my husband and I, the love and support of all of friends, the fun, and the emotions of the day. I will cherish the pictures she gave us forever. If you are debating her or if she is at the top of your price range (like she was for us) please know it will be the best money you ever spent!!

Ellie was our favorite vendor by far! She was very communicative and excited about our big day which is the kind of energy you need!

She was also so professional and got "the shot" without taking us away from celebrating. She was the perfect photographer and I truly wish she could capture all of our special moments.

Our pics were stunning and magazine worthy. So glad we chose her. If you are on the fence, take this review to heart. Email her now because she is booked and busy!

It's hard for me to put into words how great Ellie McKinney and her true talent is...As someone who has such particular taste in the aesthetic, vision, and overall vibe through photographs, Ellie takes what I'm trying to accomplish or emulate and makes it a reality- all the while making you feel as though you've known her forever! My husband hates taking photos (which can be extremely stressful when you are trying to capture engagement and wedding memories); however, Ellie's personality, lightness and ability to let us have fun and move naturally really translates into these forever keepsakes. I was a Covid-19 2020 bride who experienced the anxiety of postponing her wedding, as many other brides have, and Ellie was my number one support system. She was the first person I would call when I had doubts in my new date and the person I would lean on for advice. I will forever be grateful for her understanding, friendship and steadfast encouragement. I can 100% guarantee that you will not find someone who encompasses such a passion for life and can illustrate life in such a beautiful way. P.S. Ellie if you're reading this- feel free to give my phone number as a reference to any future clients. I would love the opportunity to say great things about you!

— Adrienne


— Kate

North Carolina

— Mason

North Carolina