Business Coach

Ellie McKinney

The passion I have for helping others grow combined with my love for photography, makes business development my favorite topic!

Through mentorship, you’ll have an intentional 1-on-1 experience geared to your specific needs and goals.

I help artists overcome comparison fatigue and scale their business.

No more struggling alone.

No more overwhelming confusion.

No more hunting in the dark for answers.

Let's get started!

It's time to be known for being more than just a photographer.

Let's figure out what's holding you back and make impactful moves.

What You'll Learn


Client Experience

Create unmatched experiences with your clients to drive 5 star reviews, increase bookings, and gain the ability to raise your prices.


How To Stand Out

Likes and follows are fun on social media, but do they truly add value or profit to your business? We cover how to gain confidence in your branding voice and create a solid plan for using it.

Drive Results


I push the boundaries and transition your mindset to do the same during our conversation. I know for a fact that you've already got what it takes to succeed. Let's showcase it.

One-Time 2 Hour Mentor Session

The Business Reboot

Photography mentoring sessions providing insight into topics such as business direction/planning, branding, social media strategy, personality types as business owners, client experience, etc.

Custom itinerary will be created based on individual needs.

2 Hours

Let's Get IT!

Location :Zoom

Price: $375

50% due upon booking

50% due the day before

Am I the right fit for you and your business?

If you’re looking for long-term accountability and assistance as you pursue your dreams, my mentoring sessions are for you! You’ll receive all the benefits of 1-on-1 mentoring with regular encouragement along the way.

How It Works

Upon booking, you'll receive a questionnaire so that I can know what dreams you've set for the future.

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Ellie is a damn sunflower. It was so spectacular learning from her! She is genuine, honest and everything she taught me I have implemented into my business and only seen a positive effect. Though we only met through skype, I just know there are few people who walk this earth like Ellie does. She makes you feel like you can achieve absolutely anything.

Ahhh, I could list out a hundred ways of how much she helped me and but instead I'll just say this...Do yourself and your business an abundant favour, and have her mentor you.

There aren’t enough words to explain how much I enjoyed my mentoring session with Ellie. She’s encouraging, and very knowledgeable on what she does. She understands and could relate to where I was in my business and gave me ways I could move forward successfully. She answered every question I had and more. Even after our mentoring session, I can still go to her for any advice or questions I have and she’s more than happy to help. Ellie is an amazing and beautiful person!

Run, don’t walk. She’s an amazing mentor!

Wow oh wow where do I begin, Ellie is literal magic in a video call! I did a mentoring session with her a few months ago and my business has completely skyrocketed! She was so organized and helped me find topics that I really wanted to cover before our session, which helped so much with the flow and made our conversation feel like a chat with a close friend. She is so sweet and a total genius when it comes to the business side of things; this mentor session has completely changed my client experience and how I run my business. I am now getting my DREAM clients and am creating even better connections with my couples :) Ellie is freaking amazing, seriously a mentoring session with her is the best investment you could ever make for you business!

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