Why Photographers Should Use GIFs + How to Create GIFs with Aligned Backgrounds in Photoshop

May 10, 2022

The beauty of being a photographer is pausing a moment and making it last forever. There is something so intimate and special about that. But we also have to acknowledge that movement tends to create more emotion. That’s why videography is becoming more and more popular. 
But don’t worry, us photogs aren’t left behind in the world of movement. We just have to (or do we get to?) be creative and resourceful like the resilient bad asses we are. Enter GIFs. GIFs are such a neat way to bring movement into a photography business and there are 3 major ways we should be using them.


Number one? It’s a unique client offering and a super fun way to elevate the client experience. Honestly, sometimes I think clients get more excited about a GIF than the rest of their gallery. 😆


It’s no secret that video and movement are taking over social media. And as photogs, that actually can be challenging to keep up with. Aaaand there’s your second use for GIFs. They’re a lot more interactive for Reels and TikToks than a quick burst slideshow. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I do slideshows too! But a GIF is a fun way to break that up on occasion and make people pause and go “okay that was super cool.”


And last – your website! Having a GIF at the top of your site instantly makes it 10 times more interactive. Which makes you stand out and you know the rest…

So maybe you’re like “okay that’s great but how the hell do I find time to make GIFs?”. This is the best part… it’s actually pretty simple and quick! Get a step by step guide for making GIFs (and yes, this shows you how to keep your background aligned) by inserting your information in for the FREEBIE below!

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